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Honor Roll
Student Council

The United States Achievement Academy has honored students through recognition and scholarship opportunities for 35 years. We are here to assist you in areas of encouragement and goal setting for your students eager to learn. Our student recognition programs are open to all educators in grades 5-12.

As a counselor, you spend a significant amount of time working for your school’s students. USAA invites you to join us in recognizing your honor roll, minority leadership, leadership, and Student Council students. Below is an overview of the nomination procedure, educational cash grants, and upcoming contest for students and teachers.

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Nominating Procedure

Nominate your students based on any two of the standards listed below. We use the word “nominate” to indicate that the students you select are immediately accepted for participation in the USAA programs. You may nominate your students bydownloading the hard copy nomination form or you can nominate online by clicking this link.

Standards for Selection
  • Academic potential
  • Personal motivation
  • Cooperative classroom attitude
  • Dependability
  • Enthusiasm for education
  • Leadership qualities
  • Serious acceptance of responsibility

  • We look forward to receiving your nominations. Teachers can convince students that they can succeed, and students will believe it when they see the rewards for their hard work.

    Educational Cash Grants

    Your nominations provide your students the opportunity to apply for educational cash grants through our scholarship program. Our program encourages students to work hard to achieve this goal of national recognition and education cash grant opportunities. The winners of USAA grants are free to use the money for any educational expense (save for college tuition, books, school materials, school clothes, etc.)

    2014-2015 Contests

    Two contests will be held this year. Please visit our website often or like us on Facebook for updates regarding contest subjects, instructions, and deadlines. Many of you may be able to incorporate the contest subjects with your classroom’s area of study.

    Privacy Statement

    The United States Achievement Academy is committed to the privacy of all educators and nominated students. Educators and students' personal information such as addresses and phone numbers will not be listed anywhere for public use. In addition, educator and student's names, addresses, etc. are never sold to public or private entities for any reason.