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Q. What are the benefits of this National Award?
A. The benefits are:

• Exclusive USAA membership that allows nominated students to apply for one of 401 educational cash grants of up to $10,000 for the current school year. Each year, ask your teacher to nominate you for the opportunity to apply for educational cash grants.
• Published free in USAA National Awards yearbook- students must return the student biography form in order to be published.
•List your recognition as an accomplishment on college applications and job resumes.
• Access to USAA membership items- check-out our online store.
• Nominated students can participate in USAA contests.
• Short story and essay contest winners become published authors.

How much scholarship money has USAA awarded?
A. In the past 35 years, USAA has awarded over $1.6 million in scholarships.

How many short story or essay contests will be held this year?
A. Two contests will be held for students and one contest for teachers.

Q. Who can participate in short story and essay contests?
A. All nominated students for the current school year may participate. All nominating teachers may participate as well.

Q. What prizes will be awarded to contest winners?
A. A first, second, and third place monetary prize will be awarded for each contest. All winning stories or essays will be published in our yearbook that is distributed nationally. Stories and essays will also be posted on our website and facebook page.

Q. When are winners announced for short story and essay contests?
A. This will vary based on contest dates.