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Q. What cash grants are available?
A. The USAA Scholarship Foundation awards 400 cash grants of up to $1,500 plus the $10,000 Dr. George Stevens Founder's Award.

What is an educational cash grant?
A. An educational cash grant is a monetary award given to winning students in the form of a check. It is the student’s money to use for any educational purpose.

Q. How do students apply for educational cash grants?
A. After the Academy receives the Student Biography form accepting the recognition, a confirmation packet is sent to the student. This will include a special personal letter, the news release form, and the very important scholarship application. The student must complete the application, and return it before the deadline date.

Q. Is there a scholarship application fee?
A. There is a processing and handling fee of $6.00. If the fee presents a hardship, it will be waived.

Q. Is purchase of the yearbook required in order to be eligible to apply for educational cash grants?
A. No. The student must be nominated by a teacher and must return the Student Biography form in order to receive the scholarship application.

How many students will be awarded cash grants this year?
A. The USAA Scholarship Foundation will award 401 cash grants of up to $10,000.

Q. Who selects the educational cash grant winners?
A. An independent selection committee selects winners. (See our scholarship page.)

Q. What are the criteria for selection of educational cash grant winners?
• grade point average
• scores on act, sat general tests, sat subject tests, ap tests (if applicable)
• honors/awards
• school activities, leadership activities, sports involvement
• special interests, hobbies, community service
students are encouraged to document their achievements by providing copies of report cards/transcripts, certificates of achievement, recommendation letters from teachers and/or counselors, etc. Volunteer work can be documented also.

Q. Do lower grade level students compete with high school students for educational cash grants?
A. No. A lower grade level student will not be compared to a high school student. Each grade carries its own expectations, and the selection committee merits students on individual achievement based on grade level.

How are the educational cash grants disbursed?
A. The cash grant will be sent to each winner in the form of a check. The check will be written to the student and sent to the home address that is written on the scholarship application.

When are the winners of educational grants announced?
A. The winners, and the educators who originally nominated them, will be notified by the end of October. All winners will be listed on the USAA website as well as in the Academy’s National Yearbook.