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Q. What happens after I am nominated?
A. The Academy will send the official information packet to the student. This will include your Biography Form. To officially accept the nomination, your parent must sign the form giving permission, and you must return the form to the Academy.

What is the Student Biography Form?
A. The Student Biography Form is the official recognition form. When you are nominated by a teacher, coach, or counselor, a Student Biography Form is mailed to the student. When you receive your form, check for any errors, and write your corrections on the form. Then, fill-out all the blank sections and mark the clubs and activities. It is imperative that you print neatly.

Q. Are there any costs associated with this recognition for the school, teachers, or students?
A. No. There are no costs of any kind to the school, teachers, or the students. Purchase of the yearbook is strictly voluntary.

Q. Can I use the Student Biography Form as my scholarship application?
A. No. The Student Biography Form must be returned to the Academy in order to receive the scholarship application. The scholarship application is the official form used to apply for educational cash grants.

Q. Why does the Student Biography Form ask for my grandparents’ information?
A. If you would like to have an announcement of your recognition sent to your grandparents, fill-out the information on the form. If you purchase the yearbook, the grandparents’ names will appear on your personalized page. Please print clearly.