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Q. Who nominated my son or daughter for this national recognition?
A. Only educators can make a nomination. A teacher, counselor, coach, principal, sponsor and advisor nominate students who have shown exceptional academic accomplishment or leadership.

What subjects or areas of interest does USAASF offer for recognition?
A. • Athletics
• Advanced Placement
• Band
• Business Education
• Cheerleading/Dance
• Computer Science
• Fine Arts
• Honor Roll
• Language Arts
• Leadership
• Mathematics
• Physical Education
• Student Council
• Science
• Social Studies
• Vocational
• World Languages
• All-American Scholar

Q. Why was my child nominated?
A. Your child met the standards for selection as set forth by USAA. The teacher views your child as an asset to the school and community, and it is an honor for USAA to recognize this commitment.

Q. What are the standards for selection?
A. Eight standards exist:
• Academic potential
• Personal motivation
• Cooperative classroom attitude
• Dependability
• Enthusiasm for education
• Leadership qualities
• Serious acceptance of responsibility

Q. What happens after my child is nominated?
A. Email notification will be sent to you for the student Biography parental approval or the student Biography will be mailed to you.