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Q. What is the official USAA National Yearbook?
A. The yearbook is a permanent family treasure future generations will admire. The yearbook contains a listing of outstanding students who meet the criteria for inclusion. It features student’s name, the nominating teacher, school name, school city and state, awards, and activities.

Can we acquire a personal copy of the yearbook?
A. Yes. A registration and order request is available on the Student Biography Form. The yearbook is yours at a preferred rate.

Q. Is it possible to have a page personalized for me?
A. Yes. The personalized page appears in the front pages of the yearbook. It features your color picture (if submitted), your name, school name, the nominating educator, city and state, awards and activities, parents’ names and the names of grandparents.

Q. Is there a charge for inclusion in the official USAA National Yearbook?
A. No. This is an honor, and inclusion is free of charge. Purchase of the yearbook is strictly voluntary.

Q. What should we do to be sure of inclusion?
A. Complete the student biography form that you will receive in the mail, and return it to USAA, 2610 Palumbo Drive, Lexington, KY 40509 or register online.

Does the Academy print our address and phone number with the listing?
A. No. The Academy protects your privacy. Each listing includes your name, the nominating educator, school, school’s city and state, and achievements for which the student has been nominated.

Q. How does usaa protect student privacy?
A. We do not sell student information to anyone. Student information is not shared with any entity. All personal information is kept private. (Personal information is considered as home addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers.)

Q. If we do not fill out and mail the Student Biography Form, will my child’s name still appear in the national yearbook?
A. Sorry, no. Without parental permission, a nominee’s name cannot be included.

When are the yearbooks mailed?
A. You can expect to receive the yearbook in 15-16 weeks after the deadline