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Q.Who can nominate students for recognition and scholarship opportunities?
A. Teachers, counselors, coaches, principals, sponsors and advisors may nominate students.

Are there any costs associated with this recognition for the school, teachers, or students?
A. No. There are no costs of any kind to the school, teachers, or the students. USAA offers a nationally distributed Yearbook. Students are included in the Yearbook free of charge. Purchase is strictly voluntary.

Q. What are the standards when selecting my students for recognition and scholarship opportunities?
A. Apply at least two of these eight characteristics:
• Academic potential
• Personal motivation
• Cooperative classroom attitude
• Dependability
• Enthusiasm for education
• Leadership qualities
• Serious acceptance of responsibility

Q. What grades are eligible for nominations?
A. Any students in grades 5-12 may be nominated.

Q. How many students can I nominate?
A. You can nominate up to 50 students per subject. Counselors may submit honor roll listings even if over 50.

When can I nominate my students?
A. School district scheduling varies from state to state; therefore, nominations begin in October and continue quarterly through the end of May.

Q. Can I nominate students every quarter?
A. Yes. Since you may have different students in your classroom each quarter, additional students can be nominated as you choose.

Q. How do i submit my nominations to the Foundation?
A. Nominate your Students online at or nominate on the printable official Nomination Form and return the form to USAA at 2610 Palumbo Dr, Lexington, KY 40509. If you have any questions call toll-free at (866)892-7615.

Q. What subjects or areas of interest does USAASF offer for recognition?
A. • Athletics
• Advanced Placement
• Band
• Business Education
• Cheerleading/Dance
• Computer Science
• Fine Arts
• Honor Roll
• Language Arts
• Leadership
• Mathematics
• Physical Education
• Student Council
• Science
• Social Studies
• Vocational
• World Languages
• All-American Scholar.

Q. What happens after I nominate my students?
A. If you chose nominations with parent email addresses, a biography request will be sent to the parents for approval by email. If you chose noninations with student addresses, biography forms will be mailed to you students.

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