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Founders Message

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank the hundreds of thousands of educators who have participated in the United States Achievement Academy's national recognition program for exceptional students.

The Academy has been honoring exceptional students through educators and the results of scholastic scores for 35 years. The tradition of recognizing outstanding students has become a reality because of the over one million dedicated teachers and professors nationwide who have nominated students into the USAA program.

The Academy salutes the concerned, interested teachers who create pride and a feeling of accomplishment in the students they honor.

The Academy membership represents the elite among today's students. Incredibly, many of our members have achieved perfect ACT and SAT scores, and excellent grade point averages. Among our athletic divisions, our members hold prestigious titles such as All-State, All-Region and All-Conference. Whether a teacher nominates a student for exceptional citizenship and leadership qualities or for outstanding academics, students truly benefit when being honored by their educator or coach.

Each year, the Academy receives letters of appreciation from educators and students nationwide who have been inspired by the Academy's program. We thank you for taking the time to write us and share your thoughts about the program.

It has been an honor working with such talented and exceptional students and educators through the USAA. I look forward to the next decade with great expectations and to serving the nation's next generation of exceptional students.



            Dr. George Stevens