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Congratulations to the 2013-2014 Winner of $10,000 Founders Award

Robert B. Nelsen
Tustin High School
Tustin, CA
Nominated by Ms. Amy Repp

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It is the sole purpose of the United States Achievement Academy Scholarship Foundation to help worthy students in grades 5-12 by cash grants that help cover the rising cost of tuition and expenses they will face when continuing their education. The Foundation seeks to enhance the intellectual and personal growth of students who demonstrate a genuine interest in learning. Following are the educational cash grants awarded by the USAA Scholarship Foundation.

400 Educational Cash Grants

The non-profit USAA Scholarship Foundation awards 400 national educational cash grants of up to $1,500 each year. All scholarship winners are determined by an independent selection committee. The committee is comprised of educators and former educators representing all levels of education.

$10,000 Educational Cash Grant

In addition to the USAA educational cash grants, the USAA Scholarship Foundation has established a $10,000 cash grant to honor its founder, Dr. George A. Stevens, and his commitment to student recognition.  All USAA members are eligible to compete for this grant.

There are two programs in which students can apply for scholarships - the National Program and All-American Scholar Program.

The National Program is divided into different categories like Language Arts, Math, Science, Fine Arts, World Language, etc. The award code given to each nominated student indicates the category/subject for which he or she is nominated. All applications received for the National Program are divided into middle school or junior high school and high school groups and subsequently sorted by categories. When applying within this program, students should pay special attention to the category/subject, and be sure to show interests beyond the classroom activities.
The All-American Scholar Program offers scholarship opportunities for overall academically strong and well-rounded students. Again, middle school and junior high school applications are evaluated separately from the high school applications.

Students nominated in both programs are encouraged to return both scholarship applications since it increase the chances to become a scholarship winner. Most students nominated only in the National Program can also be eligible to apply for the All-American Scholar Program.


To be eligible for consideration, the student must be nominated by an educator and must return the Student Biography form to the Academy.  

Nominated students can apply for an educational cash grant after receiving the confirmation packet that includes the scholarship application. The completed application must be returned to USAA at 2610 Palumbo Dr., Lexington, KY 40509 before the deadline date.  There are three ways to obtain the scholarship application:

You will receive a confirmation packet that contains the scholarship application

All applicants in grades 5-12 are given careful consideration. Scholarships are distributed to students in the form of cash grants and are designated for educational expenses.


• Grade point average – indicate if you are taking AP classes
• Scores on SAT general tests, SAT subject tests, AP tests (if applicable)
• Honors/Awards – specify the level of your award (example: school, district, regional or national level award)
• School activities/Leadership positions/Sports involvement
• Special interests, hobbies, community service


Students are encouraged to document their achievements by providing copies of report cards/transcripts, certificates of achievement, recommendation letters from teachers and/or counselors, etc. Volunteer work can be documented also.

Applying students should keep in mind that a well-organized application makes it easier for the Selection Committee to study your application. Also, USAA members must be nominated the school year they wish to apply for scholarships.