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2011-2012 Teacher Testimonials

Angie Roussel, Riverside Academy Teacher, Reserve, LA wrote:

I have known Mary Graci for several years and was blessed to have the opportunity to teach her for two of those years. She is an exceptional student, always going above and beyond in class to master everything. I am pleased that you have recognized her with the United States Achievement Academy scholarship grant for her hard work and commitment to her education. She is quite deserving of this award. Congratulations Mary! We are extremely proud of you here at Riverside Academy.

Lynn Thomas, Anza Trail School Teacher, Sahuarita, AZ wrote:

It was an honor and a privilege to have had Caroline Frieders in my classroom. She is an outstanding student and deserved the award. Caroline is now a freshman at Walden Grove High School and is doing very well. Her career goal is to become a lawyer.

Caroline was a student in my National History Day class in which she placed first in the state of Arizona and fourth in the Nation in the Junior Division. The NHD class involves a lot of research, bibliographies, and three competitions (if students advance from regionals).


The NHD class was inspiring to my students as well as to me. I spent three years teaching this class and this year I passed the reins to another teacher as I am retiring at the end of this school year. I will mention your award to the other teacher as well. This award is just another way to express how important it is to students to stay in school, do well in school, and work toward a fulfilling career.


Thank you for this honor. You ended my career on a very high note.

Nancy E. Huston, Chattanooga School for the Liberal Arts Teacher, Chattanooga, TN wrote:

Shailey Shah has been a student in my Spanish class and I find her to be a highly motivated, conscientious young woman. Her interests cover a broad range of activities such as athletics, music and technology. Shailey is a member of the Technology Student Association and won the 2011 State and National Awards in the field of Medical Technology and in 2012 she won the State Award in Medical Technology. She maintains a high scholastic average while earning the respect and support of her peers. The faculty and staff of Chattanooga School for the Liberal Arts congratulate Shailey for being a recipient of a cash grant awarded by the United States Achievement Academy and wish her every success as she continues to pursue academic excellence.

Barbara Haight, Waimea Middle School 6th grade teacher, Kamuela, HI wrote:

Roland Afaga is an outstanding young man. He is diligent, hardworking and kind to everyone he encounters. His determination to excel academically is amazing. His family is very supportive and a positive aspect of our school and community. Thank you for selecting him to receive this scholarship grant. I know he is very appreciative.

Carrie Miller, Business Teacher and National Honor Society Advisor at Iroquois West High School, Gilman, IL wrote:

Melanie Behrends is an amazing young woman who is very deserving of this scholarship. She is intelligent, hardworking, and extremely motivated. She will seize every opportunity to ensure her dreams become reality. Thank you.

Robert Vestal, Social Studies Teacher at Walnut Grove Junior/Senior High School, Walnut Grove, MO wrote:

Please let me say thank you to USAA for this generous grant to my student Cassandra Kunz. She is a wonderful person and exceptional student. I am confident Cassandra will use the grant wisely, get a college degree, and then do something with her life that will benefit society as a whole.