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Comments and Congratulations from Teachers

During my thirty-five year teaching career, I have seen many students with outstanding qualities in one area or another. Alex Adams is one of those extraordinary individuals who is a gem no matter what is involved!

It is truly fitting that your organization has chosen her as one of the students to be recognized. She will be thrilled, but humbled to hear the news!

Thank you for what you do!

Jerry W. Majzlik
6th Grade Math Teacher
South Side Area Middle School
Hookstown, PA 15050


I am retired Army currently teaching Algebra 1 for my 12 year. Kayla Hillis is one of my brightest and most dedicated students it has been my pleasure to teach. Van Buren High is a small rural school with about 300 students from 9th-12th grade. We are located on top of the Cumberland Plateau in beautiful Spencer Tennessee.

Always a Partner in Learning

Patrick Nichols

Van Buren County High School
Spencer, TN


Congratulations, Aaron Young!! Hillsboro High School is very proud of all of your accomplishments!

Lissa Sacks

Hillsboro High School
Hillsboro, OR


Congratulations Zoheb Sulaiman. You have always been a fantastic student and I know the sky is the limit for you. Keep the focus and God Bless.

Dorcas Okor

Parkview High School
Lilburn, GA

I don't know the educational cash grant awarded to Miss Amy Longstreth but, I really appreciate the support towards enhancing the young minds of America with this great benefit. Thank you again.

Carmen Matus

Ukiah High School
Ukiah, CA

Congratulations Jon Andrzejek! This is an outstanding achievement and we at Hamilton Central School are proud to have known and worked with you.

Donna Moren

Hamilton Central School
Hamilton, NY

I am excited Tye Macon was chosen to receive this grant. Tye is exceptional; not only is he highly intelligent, he is just an overall wonderful young man!

Kim Dayoc

D’Hanis Independent School
D’Hanis, TX


Bridget Drinnon is an amazing artist and student. Her skills blew me away when she was in the 6th grade! Bridget has such a beautiful personality and that fits perfectly in with art. I'm sure she'll keep creating fabulous artworks and continue being a wonderful person! Congratulations Bridget, you've made everyone here at Janitell Jr. High School proud, myself and your family!

Karen K.C. Cobb

Janitell Junior High School
Fountain, CO

Congratulations Joshua Cyrus! Davidson Middle School wishes you well as you continue your education and preparation for your future.

Tamara D. Portillo

Davidson Middle School
Crestview, FL


I am very proud that Vinamrata Singal is one of your cash grant recipients this year. Vinamrata is very deserving as she serves as a positive leader both academically and socially at Clear Lake High School. Thank you for giving her the opportunity to further her education and continue to be a positive role model for others.

Lindy Goodwin

Clear Lake Hiogh School
Houston, TX

Maya Sgovio is an outstanding student in La Grange, TX. She is now a 9th Grader at La Grange High School. I teach 8th Grade English at La Grange Middle School and taught Maya in my Pre-AP English class last year. I am very proud of Maya and all the accomplishments she has achieved. This grant was well-deserved by her.

Deanna Hoelscher

La Grange Middle School
La Grange, TX

Jason Li has always gone above and beyond in his academic pursuits. He takes on all extra credit opportunities offered in class and seems to never tire of learning new things. Coaching Jason in Science Olympiad was a rewarding experience as he has tackled some of the most challenging events offered. Jason has proven to be selfless; he is always the first to volunteer or help someone in need. Like all of the Li family, he is self-motivated and exemplifies the notion of a life-long learner. Jason has a very bright future ahead of him. I am sure that this scholarship will be put to good use helping him reach his goals. Iroquois MS is very proud of Jason Li and his accomplishments.

Shari Jiggens

7th Grade Science & Social Studies Teacher
Science Olympiad Coach
Iroquois MS, Macomb, MI

I am very proud of Jeffrey's accomplishment as he is a very deserving individual. Jeffrey An is one of those students that you get once in a lifetime and are thankful to have had the opportunity to teach!

Nicole Reed

Green Hope High School
Cary, NC

I am glad for this award to my student, Kelianet Roque. The school Thomas Armstrong Toro is the best secondary school at Ponce. Thank you for everything.

Esperanza Soto Rivera

Armstrong Toro High School
Ponce, PR

My name is Shelly Clayton. I am an 8th grade language arts teacher at Neil Armstrong Middle School in the Kearsley Community School district in Flint, Michigan. I have been teaching fifteen years and I am always humbled and feel privileged to work with such exemplary students. One such student is Dylan Brewer. Dylan is a student that always keeps himself striving to accomplish any goal he may sets for himself. Dylan's integrity in the classroom as well as his commitment to his studies is outstanding. Dylan always goes above and beyond the "normal" classroom expectations or guidelines in a given project. His creativity and desire to learn and excel at everything he does is to be commended. It was a great honor to have had the opportunity to work with such a dedicated and responsible young man. I want to congratulate Dylan for receiving the USAASF scholarship and to wish him luck as he continues his journey with his education.

Mrs. Shelly Clayton

Armstrong Middle School
Flint, MI

Congratulations Jennifer Jackson! Good luck in your future endeavors.

Kim Oliphant

Mansfield High School
Mansfield, TX

Colton Voorhis is an outstanding student and young man. I am excited to see the future he will pursue and the amazing feats he will accomplish with his incredible intelligence. Colton will have a significant role in making a difference in our world.

Deah Robbins

Tippit Middle School
Georgetown, TX

Hunter Harpin is a hard working young man, extremely dedicated to his academics. Hunter has a great personality and is always willing to work with any student. A true team player.

James. C. Holmes

Sullivan School
North Adams, MA

Dawn Suda wrote about Victoria Maches. Yay! This makes me SO HAPPY. I encourage a lot of our seniors to apply for this as I have seen (this is my second time) our students win money. I love your program and pump it as much as I can. I mostly want to thank you for sending the school notice. Once they graduate they go away to college and we do not get to know what they won. So thank you so much for this consideration.

Dawn Suda
Patrick Henry High School
San Diego, CA

All of Rachel Jarvis’ current and former middle school teachers are delighted that Rachel’s academic and extra-curricular activities are being recognized with this scholarship. Rachel is very much business-like, mature, and ambitious in her academic studies. She is considered by everyone to be an “ideal student” with regard to her approach to learning and classroom activities. Those character traits, added to her intellect make her an incredible student. Rachel is very involved in all aspects of the middle school competitions and activities. She approaches new contests and experience very positively seeking to “grow” from each and every new activity. Her positive attitude and hard work have resulted in her being a member of all of Lincoln’s city-wide middle school musical groups. Rachel is a terrific student and very deserving of one of your scholarships. Rachel’s maturity and intellect will result in her making wise choices for the use of the scholarship money.

Linda Bettis

Robin Mickle Middle School
Lincoln, NE

I am so honored my student, Kelsey Kershaw, was chosen to be recognized. She is an excellent student that works hard daily. Greenville Middle School is located at the foothills at the Appalachian Mountains and our students set our system apart from others. I am blessed to teach such a wonderful group of young adults.

Kim Rominger

Gifted Education teacher
Greenville Middle School
Greenville, TN