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What are the benefits of participation?
• Recognition in our nationally acclaimed yearbook
• An invitation to participate in our creative writing contests
• The opportunity to apply for one of USAA’s cash scholarships
• Use as an honor and award on your academic portfolio, college and future job applications

What is the USAA National Yearbook?
The USAA National Yearbook is an annual publication that features all recognized homeschool students. Inclusion in the annual yearbook is an honor to be treasured for a lifetime. We believe your child’s commitment to academic success deserves national recognition. The USAA National Yearbook is acclaimed by featured honorees as one of the highest honors they could ever hope to achieve.


Can my homeschool student participate in the writing contests?
Yes. Any student recognized by a parent/educator can particiapate. Writing contest subjects are announced on Facebook and this website.

Are there any costs associated with the USAA National Yearbook or the writing contests?
No. This is an honor, and inclusion in the yearbook is free of charge. Purchase of the yearbook is strictly voluntary. Also, there are no costs or entry fees associated with our writing contests.


What is an USAA Cash Scholarship?
The USAA Cash Scholarship is a cash award given to selected public, private and homeschool students to help further their education. The USAA Scholarship Foundation awards 400 cash scholarships of up to $1,500 a year, as well as the Dr. George A. Stevens Founder’s Award in the amount of $10,000. The cash award goes directly to the child with the anticipation that the money be used for any educational purpose.